Insurance Claim Tips


  • Here are some Helpful Hints for your Insurance Claim:Armored Roofing and Restoration works closely with The Illinois Department of Insurance. They recommend that your roofing contractor be present when your insurance adjustor arrives to inspect your home and roof. Sometimes insurance adjusters are unfortunately busy after a major weather event, and may accidentally overlook an important aspect of your claim.

    ⦁    We recommend that you have Armored Roofing & Restoration come out and meet with your adjustor in case there is a disagreement on the damage or scope of work. If you are not satisfied we can submit to have another adjustor come out for a second opinion.

  • Once the adjustor has performed their inspection, they issue a proposal to the homeowner that should act as a guide for handling the claim. This is not a final settlement. We then thoroughly go over that with you and decide if everything necessary was being factored in. If not then we submit again.
  •  It is important to remember that your insurance company CANNOT cancel your policy or raise your rates for having to file a claim.
  • Often, insurance carriers will ask you to get three estimates for roof repair or replacement. This is not necessarily in your best interest. Though there are certain contractors that can do work for less than the fair market price, often someone must cut corners somewhere to make a profit. The savings by accepting a lower than market value bid is not money that can be applied towards your deductible. The savings is passed on to the insurance company.We know that this process may seem daunting and very intimidating, but rest assured that this is not our first time and we will do our best to make sure you know what’s going on every step of the way.

    Give Armored Roofing & Restoration a call today at 815.715.7321 to get your process started and to see what your options are before making that first call to insurance.